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If you have ever paid a visit to David Lipkin’s and Haim Algranati’s workshop in Barnet, you would immediately know that this is the place your musical instrument should be taken care of. Experience, dedication and love are the ingredients they inject in every job they undertake. I am fortunate enough to own an L.A. custom-made, beautiful-sounding, eight-string guitar named after my daughter, Maya. This was a great collaboration since they gave me a chance to explore on the design side, without losing sight of the most basic secrets of traditional guitar making. They are without peers.

Antonio Forcione
I was recommended to L A Guitars through word of mouth. David and Haim have now repaired and set up all of my guitars (and most of my guitarist friends too)
Thanks to their genius and experience, my instruments have been ultra fine-tuned and are a pleasure to play and hear.
Take it from me, if you respect your instrument, doesn’t matter what state it’s in, take it to these guys and they will transform it!
In my estimates, the best guitar workshop I’ve ever come across in the world!
Snowy white
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the outstanding set up you did on my Mexican Telecaster. When I dropped it off it sounded lovely but was a horror to play and now, after your attention, it still sounds the same but plays like a dream. There is no doubt the pair of you are master luthiers; there are plenty of those around. What sets you apart from the rest is the friendliness and interest you show in your clients. I could happily spend a day just chatting with you both but that wouldn’t help me or be productive for you! I have recommended you to everyone I think would need your service and rest assured whenever I need some work done on any of my instruments I shall not be travelling in to London anymore – I shall make bee-line to Britannia Road. Thanks again for a truly marvellous job with outstanding customer service. Very best regards
Paul Darkins (The Jo Sear Band)

I have a thirty-year-old (at least) Martin acoustic parlour guitar, which has become part of me, and which like me has been subject to the ravages of time! The front of the guitar was lifting away from the body and on the fret board were deep wells dug out by favoured chords. It is my main recording guitar and attention was long over due, having to tune it differently for different sections of a song according to the predominant positioning of chords in that section.
Haim and David approached the guitar and as an ‘ interesting project’. This characterises their attitude to the instruments they work on and build. This is their passion and they care deeply about returning an instrument to you that will facilitate you as an artist. I have never seen anything quite like it. They have a wealth of knowledge, unparalleled in my experience.

Richard Cotton, Songwriter
This guitar has an enormous bass response without sounding boomy. It has a very strong mid-range which gives the melody lines (usually played on the top two strings) a real “thickness” more akin to nylon string guitars than steel string. The guitar also has more clarity than any guitar I’ve ever played.
Michael Berk
I just dropped off a Les Paul copy for some minor work after recently moving from Philly to London and had the great fortune to meet Haim and Yakov in their little shop.What fabulous gentleman! I can’t be more pleased to have lucked into meeting them based on some threads here at TGP!! And for the work they are doing, they are extremely reasonable and had a few simple suggestions to improve the sound and playability of the instrument for a minimum of fuss.The reason for this thread though is they showed me a few choice samples of their work…One was a modified Ibanez archtop, I guess a recent art-core
L.A. GUITARS workshop