Electric acoustic semi-arch top custom guitar swiss army knife.

I was very impressed. But what really impressed me, and the reason for this post was a fully handmade L.A guitars guitar makers and guitars repairs since 1974 instrument that really, really needs a proper home. Again this was a working man’s instrument so a pretender like me shouldn’t keep an animal like this in captivity …This was an electric acoustic semi-arch top custom swiss army knife. What a beautiful piece of art it is too. Looks like a hollow body electric, but is really an acoustic in solid body electric shape with pickups. Two dimarzio hummers wired up in a unique way and lovingly voiced to bring the most out them. Wired up to a five position switch that goes from all four coils in series through splits and singles to give every kind of single coil or hum bucking tone you could think of. An independent master volume and a secondary volume that only controls the bridge hummer to allow for infinite mixing at all positions (except of course the single coil neck) there is a push pull ‘bright’ pot for even more tonal palette shaping. I don’t think there is a tone you can’t get out of this thing. From acoustic guitar through all the classic Gibson/Fender or whatever rock/jazz you can imagine. This truly is a ‘ one guitar to rule them all‘ sort. Not a true arch top this beauty, but a fully scratch built brass float arch top-ish bridge across an arch top like block … sorry my knowledge is limiting my ability to describe here … The top was recovered from an 18th century piano and the bridge, pick guard, sides and back made from Brazilian rosewood given as a gift many years ago. The smallish scale neck was a sumptuous piece of birds eye maple and the entire instrument left in a natural finish. Details done in abalone and with gold hardware. The attention to detail was amazing. No stone unturned to make the best playing, sounding and looking instrument possible and all clearly designed and built for the working musician. On stage or recording this is a monster do it all guitar clearly made by master luthiers. Even in my unworthy hands you could hear this was an altogether other-worldly instrument. For the price of a higher end Gibson Les Paul, this is something on another level completely. I make this post hoping there is someone who might be interested and worthy of such an animal. Please find a worthy home for her! give these gents a call