From Baroque to Rock

L.A. Guitars have been making exceptional  string instruments since 1974. Our guitars are handmade using techniques based on those of the master violin makers such as Stradivarius, Amati and Guarneri. Our quest for tonal excellence continues to be our central motivation in all the work we do. The wood we use comes from managed forests and all the other materials, including the polish( shellac and beeswax) are organic. Our instruments are customized to the individual needs of you as a musician so that your striving for outstanding  performances can be realized.

Instruments that we make. Acoustic Guitars – Classical guitars and Steel-String Guitars. All sizes and shapes. Electric guitars the all range. Gibson type, Fender style or any shape desired. Bass guitars, electric and acoustic. Violins, Violas and Cellos World music string instruments.

Haim Algranati master luthier

David Lipkin master luthier

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L.A. GUITARS Guitar and violin makers

L.A. GUITARS Guitar and violin makers