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Haim Algranati master luthier

An artist, philosopher, designer – a truly Renaissance man! He came to England to study instrument making, and that is where he became David’s student. From a young age,he has been passionate about sound and music. Becoming a luthier enabled the channeling and fusing of his creative talents. His ability to improvise, break with tradition and be flexible, results in rich, beautiful and powerful instruments.

David Lipkin master luthier

Studied Maths, Physics and Psychology at Hull University. At the age of 14 he made his first guitar. That was the start of a legend. David, with his mathematical mind, grasp of physics and insight into human nature, set out to produce guitars of the highest quality, harnessing all his expertise. The quest for tonal excellence has always been his motivation. Later on, the same approach was applied to other instruments such as violins, violas and cellos, electric and acoustic guitars, from Baroque to Rock!