Guitars Pickups

Sound is complex, transferring it from your guitar to a listener at the back of a large hall or stadium requires picking it up initially, and by various manipulations, delivering it to the target. How is this achieved? By means of a purpose built device – a pickup.

What’s the definition of a guitar pickup?

This is a widely used term which can have a range of meanings. Whether it be a type of truck to rescue stranded motorists, a meeting point to collect someone or something, or a method to find a new girlfriend, to musicians it means only one thing – a way to make your guitar sound better and louder! Just as a microphone is used for the voice, so a pickup is used to enhance the sound of an instrument, guitar, violin, trumpet, bass, or anything that produces sound. Simply put, a pick up is a device that registers sound and converts it into an electrical signal, which is usually routed to an amplifier or recorder.