Guitar repair near me

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Guitar repair near me

Is “Guitar repair near me” the best for my guitar? the answer is, not always. A master guitar maker with 40 years of experience can make the difference. Try L.A guitars for your repairs and setups.

  • Full fret dressing – we don’t do partial dressing because it creates unevenness along the fingerboard. *From £79
  • Action, truss rod adjustment, nut adjustment, intonation. *From £25
  • Pickup change and wiring. We have a extensive of knowledge in custom wiring. *From £30(not including pickups)
  • Refret (We have a large selection of fret wires, from narrow wire to a scalloped feel wire(3mm high). * From £250
  • Repairing broken necks.*From £45
  • we carry out a full range of Wood work for all guitars, fretted instruments, violins and other bowed instruments.
  • Restrings to all string string instruments. From £10 including a set of guitar strings, prices may vary depending on the make of  strings.
  • Acoustic guitars amplification, preamp replacement and installation.
  • Acoustic guitars setups *from £35
  • Guitar bone nut and saddles.
  • Guitar setups: Basic setup £25.
  • Minor setup £65. 
  • Full setup £130, includes fret leveling, intonation, string height, nut grooves, truss rod, fingerboard polishing and waxing, free branded set of string( free strings don’t apply to classical guitars). 
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