L.A. Guitars have made and repaired many instruments in the last 40 years, the gallery is yours to explore and enjoy.

Wooden Butterflies

(Documentary, 29 min) by Guy Natanel

Behind a small fruit garden in North London, two men handcraft guitars. Haim and David are luthiers, fashioning organic stringed instruments from recycled wood.

Tracing the birth of one dulcimer, Wooden Butterflies reveals a journey of metamorphosis: the translation of memory into music. Histories unravel as the body of the instrument takes shape from an 18th Century piano and a discarded painting of South Africa. Rather than going to waste, these tales are recycled and ravelled anew with the life stories of Haim and David. Wooden Butterflies explores the ontology of music, contemplating not only its physical forms, but also the emotions and experiences which create its possibility.

Two Chopin Waltzes, 64 & 69. Carlos Alberto Perez. Concert classical 7 string guitar made by L.A. Guitars