Attitudes to Building


We believe in taking a flexible and evolving approach to instrument construction, repairs and customising. Every player we meet has unique requirements such as tonal quality, dynamics, playability and of course aesthetics and overall design.

Therefore each instrument we build is tailor made for the particular client. Our instruments are a culmination of traditional hand crafting techniques incorporating the utmost sensitivity to the musician’s demands.

Just as in nature there is endless variety, so too with timbers and performers! This apparently simple concept leads to the conclusion that with infinitely variable parameters there can be no fixed formulae. (Out went the moulds and fixed models!)

When a player places an order, the first part of the procedure is to involve him/her in the design, tonal characteristics, choice of woods, scale length, size, shape, decoration and finish. Whilst accommodating the wishes of the musician, we never lose sight of the prime objectives – tonal excellence and playability

L. A.”They are without peers.”(Antonio Forcione)