We are very fortunate to be associated with an eclectic range of wonderful musicians, playing a variety of instruments ranging from our Handmade guitars to Gibson guitars, Fender, Martin, Ibanez and many more.

This page is dedicated to these musicians via their links to their websites

Antonio Forcione, Carl Palmer, Shir, Paul Tkachenko, Guy Tortora, FIN, Carlos Alberto Perez, Dave Peacock, Jacob Algranati, Chi2, Michael Berk, Jake Morley , Troy D. Antunes, The Edgar Broughton band, Paolo Vanoncini, mairead, Hansom pilot, Juan Martin, Stuart Hall,Allen Glass, Ivor Goldberg, Simon Jackson, Beverley Aarons, Spikedrivers, Ronen Kozokaro, Yair schleider, Geoff Bradford, Los Desterrados, Yaron Stavi, Adel Salameh, Crooked Usage, Nick Michaels, Eduardo Niebla, Delta Ladies, Dawn Joseph, Digress-Nigel Clarke, Dave‘Doghouse’ Dore’, Adam Behrens, Gilbert Bibberian, Adel Salameh, band & stamp, Kristian Borring Oil City pickups, Guitr setups. Pro, Sarah Llewellyn, Stelios Kyriakidis